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"With the high unemployment rate at
a shocking 27,1 % among young adults in SA and
a Diploma not being able to guarantee them
a job, it is time local businesses invested more in Entrepreneurship Colleges like Calvin-Academy
so that we can dramatically increase the number of job-creators in our country, each starting within their own community firs
- Calvin Dorman

Calvin-Academy is an Entrepreneurship College that is
truly ONE OF A KIND!

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Students who attend Calvin-Academy, soon begin to realize that not only is my Academy
different from other colleges, but it certainly is also “one of a kind”.

Not only are we different because we focus on teaching specialist computer software skills like
Adobe, Corel, SolidWorks and AutoCAD, but also because we teach our students how to leverage
their new software skills to become successful Entrepreneurs.

The reason why I have started Calvin-Academy in Feb 2016 is to make sure that my short-term
Mission as well as my long-term Vision is implemented and becomes a reality for the benefit
of the youth in my community of Cape Town and their parents -especially divorced,
financially struggling, single-parent families.

So what is my Short-term Mission and my Long-Term Vision? here