NEWS UPDATE 02- 3/10/2015

Love the work you do and
do the work you love

Entrepreneurs whose sole motivation is making money, usually don't.

Bill Gates, when he started Microsoft, was passionate about computers. Elon Musk, when he started Tesla motors (and SpaceX) was motivated by his VISION - not money. And today both men are wealthier beyond their wildest dreams.

Money is important because it keeps your business "well oiled and moving" but it is PASSION that motivates long-term successful entrepreneurs. Love the work you do and do the work you love- anything less than this is not worth it, in the bigger scheme of things. Sometimes, of course, due to circumstances you can do the work you don't love, but this has to stop at some point.

Don't delay your destiny to become a job-creator. Start ASAP. There is greatness inside all of us if we become willing to turn our passion into a business "recipe" that works. At my Academy, we are dedicated to show you how.

I teach at my Academy that once you have found your competitive advantage -found your "recipe"- you have to continue to out-think and out-excecute any competitor. You have to get far ahead of your closest competitor......they will give-up trying to catch-up.

You have to run the race to the top in your niche and you have to get there FIRST and then increase the gap between you and the pack. Be first - be fast

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